Nylo-Quik Transfers

Nylo-Quik is designed for very difficult woven fabrics including nylon and satin jackets, canvas, leather, and other heat-transferable substrates. Used successfully for more than 20 years.

  • Used on woven and knitted fabrics of any color, even nylon and satin.
  • Highest opacity used on light or dark colored garments.
  • Backing paper is removed while transfer is cold.

NOTE: Multi-colored requires an overall background color which may be made of the lightest color in your design.

CAUTION: Test Nylo-Quik samples for both application and washability prior to ordering. This product is generally successful on most fabrics, but water-repellency and other coatings will not take transfers — period!  Application technique is not tricky but both heat and pressure must be adequate to sustain a proper bond.

Application Instructions: 350°, preheat garments 5-10 seconds. Press 10 seconds, medium pressure. Cool and peel.


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