Color-Ons Transfers

Color-Ons are Nylo-Flex transfers with a special back that lets you color them with any crayon before you iron them on. That means each design will be personalized by the individual that colored it and is just as washable and color-fast as our other plastisol heat transfers. That sounds technical but it is actually a fun activity for kids and adults.

Color- ons are as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

1 - Color the Design! any Crayon works!
2 - Iron It On! Hand iron or Heat press!
3 - Wear it! Washable and color-fast your design will last!

Use with our special Web Exclusive Color-Ons art
Standard artwork, Custom art,
or visit Color-Ons.com for more designs and ideas!

  • Used on woven or knitted fabrics of any color. Stronger adhesion.
  • Works best on white or light garments
  • Backing paper is removed while transfer is cold.

Application Instructions: 350°, preheat garments 5-10 seconds. Press 15 seconds, medium pressure. Cool and peel.

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